CSP en Disseny d’Espais Interiors Contemporanis
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CSP en Disseny d'Espais Interiors Contemporanis

Edició: 16ª

Idioma: Espanyol

Duració: 3 mesos

Data d'inici: 26 de setembre 2019

Horari: Dimarts i dijous + divendres alterns, de 18.30h a 22.40h

Crèdits: 15*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Preu:3.200€ (Taxa de matrícula 1.000€ + taxa de curs 2.200€).
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Fashion in a contemporary world performs a major role in the social constructionof identity, providing a universal language. The importance of visual communication and the evolution of style is part of the phenomenon of mass communication and social culture. It offers eternal icons: from the minimalist of Audrey Hepburn, or androgynous elegance of Marlene Dietrich, to the rebel youth incarnated in Marlon Brando and James Dean. Iconic garments do reflect a particular historical moment, as the little black dress or the New Look. Nowadays we all embrace a global society that is in constant need of changes, therefore the designers of the future must be able to combine individual awareness, potential creativity and creative intuition in the professional fashion environment. The aims of the Summer Course in Fashion Design and Couture Tailoring is to provide a stimulating vision of this phenomenon, blurring the boundaries between disciplines and understanding the creative development through analysis and research through 2D and 3D work.

Diseño de Espacios Interiores

CSP en Disseny d'Espais Interiors Contemporanis


· Introduce the global vision of the fashion field, providing key elements.
· Introduce students to the fashion industry, expanding the creative vision of the students.
· Develop essential skills for design development in a fashion collection, focusing on moulage experimentation.
· Approach the fashion industry from the development of an innovative and visionary product.
· Learn basic techniques to communicate professionally the projects developed.


The course offers a balance between techniques, where students learn essential basic tools, and work in an experimental manner through an investigation methodology reflecting deep analysis, hand drawn sketches, and fashion awareness encouraging experimentation through volumes. All subjects are introduced transversally enriching the knowledge and stimulating student creativity. From the beginning the focus is on personal motivation and allowing students to think individually. The first part focuses on master classes and visits to exhibitions or fashion companies along with subjects primary in fashion design. At the same time students learn the basic techniques to develop a fashion collection and coolhunting investigation. Investigation methodology is a fundamental medium to develop basic visual elements enriching possible volumes and shapes. During the course student will develop and produce a 3D garment, a jewelry item, gathering different techniques such as moulage and pattern.

Perfil de l'estudiant

Professional or students from different areas linked to design,  architecture, visual arts or other disciplines, who want to  be introduced to the Fashion world, and obtain creative and  innovative techniques to create Fashion products.  It can also be considered as a first step to understand and  define skills and motivations and to make the decision to  continue with longer courses in fashion design field.  High-level English language skills are necessary and basic  Spanish is helpful.


The appointed course coordinator, a specialist in the subject, together with the Master area Academic Department, has designed each course program content and syllabus.
The Course Coordinator also plays an active role in assisting to incorporate professors and developing relationships between companies and institutions in order to create links to the course program.

Maya Mccarthy
She completed her artistic studies between Rome and Madrid before building up experience as an interior decorator for publisher Maeva and Feria del Libro del Retiro, as well as stylist for Spanish newspaper El Pais. She eventually specialised as a fashion designer for such brands as Chitton, Carolina Herrera, Purificacion Garcia, Zara, Sfera and Don Algodon. In 2004 she began her collaboration with Bershka upon relocating in Catalunya. In the past few years, she has regularly collaborated at workshops and exhibitions between Italy and Brazil, as well as a cool hunter and fabric trendsetter in Spain. Currently she is settled in Barcelona where she is Module Responsible of Fashion Culture in the BA Honours for ‘Fashion Design’ and ‘Fashion Marketing & Communication’ in IED. Her passion lies in discovering the emerging visual influences of the 20th century in our present times. She also shares this passionat IED in the Fashion Costume master and Fashion Marketing Communication Master.

at IED in the Fashion Costume master and Fashion Marketing Communication Master.


La planificació didàctica de tots els cursos IED Master es basa en els criteris que marca l’Espai Europeu d’Educació Superior (EEES). IED Master adopta un sistema de crèdits que segueix l’estructura dels European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master expedeix exclusivament títols privats propis.

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