Projecte: NAVIA: La gent, la ciutat, el mar | Management

Projecte: NAVIA: La gent, la ciutat, el mar


Vladislav Luzin – Alumni del Master en Interactive Apps Design

“I choose IED because i heard a lot about this university before. There are strong designers. During the master i developed some devices that helps to freelancers and other individuals to track their working hours. Hardwire device. I get a lot of experiences of IED and Barcelona, I have new connections, my networking is growing well here. It’s very fun to study with people of different countries and diferentes cultures.”

Richard Villalobos from California – Alumni del Master in Design Management

“I was looking for a new career path, new possibilities and new directions and I found it. The most important element for me is the projects we have done that have a real world bases, meaning there are real applications and clients. I would describe my experience with the master like “a very challenging and eye-opening experience that will change your life forever”.

Jose Sebastian Narvaez Washima– Alumni del Master in Interactive Apps Design

“I’ve always been looking for a master program focused in improving the way users interact with interfaces. I was working in graphic design for 8 years when I signed for IED’s Master in Interaction Design and I never thought all the skills taught in the master will open me several opportunities in all design fields. Now I’m designing hardware and I love it. The major contribution of the program in my professional life was that it introduced me to a broad spectrum of tools and methodologies that help me improve as a designer myself. As a better designer I can achieve better design results and better experiences for users. The whole experience of the master was really nice! Teachers were very open minded and permissive, more than teachers I can say they were tutors supporting our whole learning experience. As the class itself had very different profiles, they ensured to understand the background of each student and help them potentiate their skills. After finishing the program I can say my design mindset has changed and I’m currently excited with the idea of applying design in any field that will make people’s life easier.”