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About Alumni

Alumni is a project created to promote the relationship between old students of IED Barcelona and to foment the community, with the purpose of continuing personal and professional development of the members.

It proposes a huge range of services con los que contar desde interactuar con profesionales y empresas del sector del diseño, beneficiarse de exclusivas ventajas, fortalecer el networking, las relaciones y sobretodo, la comunidad IED Barcelona.

The main objectives are:


The purpose is continue being part of the personal and professional development of old students, oriented and  giving support in their professional trajectory. 


Foment the community and networking  through workshops, conferences, Share your Talent, Career Days, and others.


Alumni offers services orientes to old students and proposes economic advantages what just can be taken advantage of its members. 

*Para poder formar parte de Alumni se deben haber cursado un mínimo de 30 ECTS.

Te animamos a descubrir todas las ventajas de pertenecer a una gran red como es la comunidad del IED Barcelona.

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