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    MAGMA is a merger of two racing vehicles: a sports… More Info +
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    Project: Lamborghini ETHEREAL
    ETHEREAL is a vehicle made up of two parts: an… More Info +
  • Project: Lamborghini ERA
    ERA is an electric one-seater car that combines engines and… More Info +
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    Project: KULPT
    Kulpt is a set of sculptural elements and urban furniture… More Info +
  • Project: KAMA
    Can sex be classed as a sport? Kama is a jewellery… More Info +
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    Project: CYME
    Inspired by Tibetan bowls and lotus flower petals, CYME comprises… More Info +
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    Project: Clinch
    Based on an understanding of the needs people have in… More Info +
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    Project: Barcelona Fitness
    Barcelona Fitness is an urban sports centre designed to boost… More Info +
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    Project: L Project
    L Project is a modular space that takes the structure… More Info +
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    Project: Skär
    Skär is a lounge chair with a surface that changes… More Info +
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    Project: Shaped by Nature
    Shaped by Nature is inspired by a combination of the… More Info +
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    Project: Seat Unum
    UNUM is a dynamic vehicle formed by two modules connected… More Info +
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    Project: Columbus
    Columbus is a maritime transport service that offers a rapid… More Info +
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    Project: Pivot
    Pivot is a dynamic office system that adapts to the… More Info +
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    Project: Seat Kiro
    The main objective of the project with SEAT is to… More Info +
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    Project: Seat Mergo
    SEAT proposed the challenge to design new transportation services for… More Info +
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    Project: t-64
    Doctors Without Borders offered two challenges: firstly, it asked the students… More Info +
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    PROJECT: Alfa
    The Estudio Alfa project consists of a communication and loyalty… More Info +
    The project consists of the design of a vehicle to… More Info +
  • Project: Still You
    The project Still You is the winner of the international… More Info +
  • Project: Ànima
    The company Kibuc proposes to develop a new concept in… More Info +
    Students on the Master’s in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces… More Info +
    Students on the Master’s in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces… More Info +
    The project is a design for the Grimaldi terminal in… More Info +
  • Proyecto: Advanced
    Helix Motor International requested them to realize a redesign of… More Info +
  • Project: Stein
    Stein is a project developed for the industrial design company… More Info +
  • Project: Emotional Bites
    Design and execution of a creative catering service inspired by… More Info +
  • Projecte: Meetube
    Meetube seats are designed for the rest area of the… More Info +
  • Project: Finestel
    The student residence Casa Gracia proposed that students designed one… More Info +
  • Project: Fit
    Fit is a project researching new future mobility concepts for… More Info +
  • Project: Påsprång
    Pårsprång is a project that investigates new concepts of mobility… More Info +
  • Project: PSI
    The Parada Solar d’Informació (bus stop with solar-powered information) is a… More Info +

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