COVID-19 Scholarships for current students (OPEN)

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COVID-19 Scholarships for current students (OPEN)

IED in Spain, aware of the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 health crisis and how it may have affected the families of its students, has made a commitment to help its students to continue their studies.

Both the Madrid and Barcelona schools have adopted measures in the form of scholarships and study support with the aim to help current students to continue their education.

In the current and unprecedented circumstances, IED feels a responsibility to stand alongside its students and their families in all respects, including at an economic level.

This support falls into two categories:

  1. The initial phase saw the launch of COVID-19 Scholarships, in which IED offered a reduction in enrollment fees for students that were already enroled.
  1. The second fase saw the launch of a Solidarity Scholarship Institutional Support Programme for students facing financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19. These scholarships focus on financial assistance for those persons responsible for the payment of the fees of our students, who pay taxes in Spain. They will be granted only to those people who meet the requirements detailed in the terms and who are facing serious financial difficulties to be able to afford the payments.

Who can apply for this support programme?

Students of IED Madrid and IED Barcelona whose fee payers pay taxes in Spain and who can demonstrate the change in their spending capacity due to the COVID-19 crisis, providing the required information as detailed in the terms of these scholarships. 

These grants are aimed at our current students, since our biggest commitment is to the talent and the families that have placed their trust in IED.

How can I apply?

IED will get in contact with you to offer you the option of being part of the Institutional Support Programme. Check your email address. You can also call the Administration Department/Secretary’s Office or Student Services for further information, or get in contact with the Coordinators of your course.