Continuing Study Program – Advanced

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Continuing Study Program – Advanced

Advanced programs offer a high level of technical preparation in contents or specific practices of latest trend, which can be immediately integrated into professional performance, and serve to “recycle” or adapt to changes in the environment.

Aimed to professionals with experience and students who come from the same area of development areas.

CSP in Cine and Video Stylist

- Barcelona - 3 months
Behind the making of a film, a clothing commercial, a series or a video clip, there is a varied team of professionals taking care of every detail. On audiovisual projects, the costume that the characters wear is an essential part… More Info

CSP in Brand Storytelling

- Barcelona - 3 months
Everyone likes a good story – and communication is full of them! The CSP in Brand Storytelling shapes a new generation of communicators: communicators who know how to analyse the target’s characteristics, create a strategy and choose the right media… More Info

CSP en Color & Trim

- Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP in Color & Trim provides a firm grasp of colour and finishes for products and spaces. There are plenty of design‑related sectors calling for specialists who command colours and textures: the automobile industry, interior design, architecture, sports accessories,… More Info

CSP in Fashion Communication

- Barcelona - 3 months
This CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Fashion Communication intends to analyse and comprehend the communication process in such a particular industry as fashion. That is, its actors, tools and strategies, both the classic ones and the new methods that new… More Info

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