Continuing Study Programs – Introductory
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Continuing Study Programs - Introductory

Introductory programs are courses of introduction to a discipline. They provide a first approach to those professionals who, although coming from related fields, do not have previous experience or training in that specific area. The programs are directed to a profile of inexperienced young professionals, or professionals experienced in other fields, but not in the course material.


Diseño de Espacios Interiores

CSP in Contemporary Interior Design

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Contemporary Interior Design is an approach to the main theoretical and practical research tools in the field of interior design. The course is based on three fields of research (Space, Form and Materials). The… More Info

Diseño de Joyas

CSP in Jewellery Design

- Barcelona - 3 months

In the fashion world, jewellery is the ultimate accessory and the key to interpreting a collection's concept. The CSP in Jewellery Design introduces students to the world of metal. As a design school, we apply the design methodology in everything… More Info

Decoración y Estilismo de Interiores

CSP in Interior Decoration and Styling

- Barcelona - 3 months

The Continuing Study Program (CSP) in Interior Decoration and Styling intends to be an approach to the main tools for research and reflection – both at theoretical and practical levels – on the field of decoration and styling of interior… More Info


CSP in Graphic Design

- Barcelona - 4 months

Books, magazines, posters, placards, flyers, packaging, labels, leaflets, product and company logos, web sites, online advertising and roadside billboards, etc.... Everything that surrounds us in our everyday lives requires the practical side of graphic design and communication. The Continuing Study… More Info

Asesoría de Imagen y Personal Shopper

CSP in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

- Barcelona - 3 months

While shopping is a very popular activity, many people prefer to entrust this task to a professional. This is because we live in an era where social and work obligations leave little time to dedicate to the multitude of trends… More Info

Fashion Styling

CSP in Fashion Styling

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Fashion Styling brings an extensive, profound and specialised view of the essentials to develop styling projects. Fashion styling has been acquiring a fundamental role over the past years as a solid and indispensable support… More Info


CSP in Fashion and Visual Merchandising

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Fashion and Visual Merchandising intends to define a professional capable of solving the problems of points of sale because of market stauration, globalisation of commerce, prices and margins declines and, also, online sales. Visual… More Info


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