Continuing Study Programs – Profesional

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Continuing Study Programs – Profesional

The Professional Programs have a dynamic methodology, in which the course functions as an analysis laboratory, a place for the exchange of information and discussion of cases.  Participants have the opportunity to share experiences with the lecturers, in an atmosphere of close dialogue that serves as a meeting point for their current knowledge and future professional aspirations.

The curriculum is implemented in a dynamic environment, combining different types of lessons that allow professional enrichment in each module:

– Talks in which a prestigious professional of the sector proposes themes that later are analyzed from study cases.

– Debate and analysis sessions where different models of work, methodologies, tools and their applications are discussed.

– Technical lessons on tools and resources of the sector given by well-known professionals.

They are directed to all those profiles professionals, managers and/or management who want to acquire tools and specific methodologies for strategic management of innovation and change, both to apply it in their own businesses or projects, and to promote and manage the competitiveness in the organizations they work for. They are directed to professionals with experience who want to delve into specific methodologies.


CSP in Project Management

April 29th 2021 - Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Project Management trains professionals to manage, plan, execute, supervise and implement projects from a position of leadership, as well as learning to strike a balance between scope, timing and budget.  The world of creative industries,… More Info

CSP in Brand Storytelling

April 26th 2022 - Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Brand Storytelling is intended for those wishing to become communicators with the skill to produce different and complementary narratives from a strategic and creative point of view and strengthen the connection between brands and… More Info

CSP in Color & Trim

January 20th 2022 - Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Color & Trim provides concentrated knowledge in these two fields with a variety of formats, materials, concepts and objectives. As well as its aesthetic properties, colour influences our perception and our behaviour. Many design… More Info

CSP in Smart Lighting

January 18th 2021 - Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Smart Lighting provides a comprehensive view of the latest innovations in lighting and smart and digital lighting systems. The illumination sector has evolved relentlessly over the past few years owing to research and new… More Info

CSP in Transportation Interface Graphic Design

April 26th 2022 - Barcelona - 3 months
Set against an increasingly hyperconnected backdrop, the CSP in Transportation Interface Design is aimed at professionals interested in the technical and human aspects of interfaces, experience and user applications for the interiors of means of transport. The programme uses the… More Info

CSP in UX for Connected Car

January 18th 2021 - Barcelona - 3 months
The CSP in UX for Connected Car considers a scenario in which vehicle, city and user are naturally connected through new technologies. UX Design is approached as a way of providing solutions that can facilitate user-vehicle-environment interaction in order to… More Info