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Project: La Violeta


Intensive Postgraduate Courses are part of IED Barcelona’s advanced qualifications. Their aim is to offer professionals from a variety of disciplines the chance to deepen their knowledge of a specific field of design. These Intensive Post-graduate Courses were conceived as a form of specialised training over short periods at a specific time of the year so as to allow professionals from different sectors to attend the courses without hampering their working hours during extended periods.

IED Barcelona’s study programmes are guided by a dynamic methodology which includes using the analysis lab, exchanging information and discussing case scenarios. Participants get the chance to share experiences with lecturers and speakers in an environment that fosters close dialogue and acts as the meeting point between their existing knowledge and future professional ambitions. At the end of each course, participants are faced with the challenge of conducting a Final Project for a real company.

The programme combines different types of lessons to ensure professional growth: 

– Papers given by prestigious sector professionals based on case studies.
– Analysis and debate sessions where different work models, methods and tools are discussed, as well as how to use them. 
– Technical lessons by renowned professionals on the tools and resources available in the sector.

Postgraduate in Architectural Lighting Design

2020 - Barcelona - 6 months
Light changes our perception and our impressions. It constrains the way we live and how we see spaces. And it is the most flexible aesthetic material for constructing visual images. The aim of the Intensive Postgraduate in Architectural Lighting Design… More Info

Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy

January 16th 2020 - Barcelona - 3 months
The Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy focuses on the design and innovation methodologies for the identification of new business opportunities to create tangible value solutions. Global trends such as technological changes, population growth, demographic change, resource scarcity and climate change… More Info

Posgraduate in Fashion Accessories Design

January 16th 2020 - Barcelona - 6 months
From the big designer brands to rank outsiders, everyone is looking to accessories to bring what they want to their textile collections. Without accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, there would be no Haute Couture or luxury Prêt-à-Porter. It is important to… More Info

Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management

January 16th 2020 - Barcelona - 3 months
The Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management focuses on giving a strategic view of how fashion products operate, taking into account positioning and brand values. It shows how to optimise collections from the initial idea to the end consumer in order… More Info

Postgraduate in Footwear Design

September 26th 2019 - Barcelona - 6 months
Footwear is one of the most important sectors in the fashion industry. The world of footwear is unlike any other, and is governed by technical, complex and competitive demands. When it comes to footwear, knowing the product, its materials, and… More Info

Postgraduate in Children’s Fashion Design

September 26th 2019 - Barcelona - 6 months
Children’s fashion is maturing. It has evolved and turned into a market in its own right. It no longer depends on other sub-sectors of fashion, which means it is calling out for more specialised manufacturers and designers. The Postgraduate Course… More Info

Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dresses Design

January 16th 2020 - Barcelona - 6 months
The Intensive Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dresses Design grew out of a real demand from the industry for specialists in bridal and evening gown design and making. The fashion and textile industries are two of the cultural and economic powerhouses… More Info

Postgraduate in Event Design and Management

September 26th 2019 - Barcelona - 6 months
The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management places the students in the world of communication and its tools, highlighting the different parts that make up the coordination of an event. It teaches them a methodology to be used as a tool… More Info

Postgraduate in Trends Research

September 26th 2019 - Barcelona - 3 months
Today’s publicity, marketing and product development models are often out of sync with social evolution and the way we experience everyday life. That is why it is now more important than ever for professionals in any field to keep in… More Info

Postgraduate in Food Event Design

Online 21/01/19 + on site 24/04/19 - Barcelona - 6 months
Food Event Design means conceptualising a gastronomic event by generating experiences for the senses and taste buds that appeal to people’s emotions and create bonds and memories. The design professionals who take care of conceptualising and creating an event represented… More Info

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