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Collection: Serial Seeds

Summer – Advanced

These courses enhance the qualifications that each student has acquired within their field. The subjects are specific, contemporary and concise, helping professionals and students who have already graduated to thoroughly develop a specific subject in order broaden their opportunities in the working world.
Access to these courses is conditional upon having some prior skills and qualifications, which are set out in each course programme.

To complete the course, a final project is to be carried out in order to prove the skills acquired and add to each student’s professional portfolio.

The Advanced Summer Courses involve 75/100 hours over a period of 4 weeks or 50 hours over 2 weeks. Lectures are from Monday to Friday, either in the morning (from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm).


Summer Course in Fashion Trends Investigation

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The Summer Course in Fashion Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Forecasting will give students a holistic knowledge of how to research trends that will inspire and inform using the best practices and study and applied tools. The teaching staff, which is made… More Info

Summer Course in Sports Product Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The Summer Course in Sports Product Design responds to a need to train design professionals who wish to know more about the urban sports industry, including its scenarios, products, accessories, applied graphics and the strategies for its future development and… More Info

Summer Course in Beachwear Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The swimwear industry is expanding rapidly all over the world, and Spain with Barcelona as one of the hubs, is in a leading position thanks to outstanding companies in this field. The Summer Course in Beachwear Design and Pattern Making… More Info

Summer Course in Fashion Printing

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The fashion world needs the figure of a graphic designer who focuses on fashion. These specialists work with textiles in a very specific way and have a special sensibility towards the world of fashion and trends, allowing them to convey… More Info

Summer Course in Packaging Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
Packaging is the name used to refer to the wrappers, containers and labels of commercial products. In increasingly competitive markets, packaging is a concept that is gaining in importance and innovation in this area is becoming a very important factor… More Info

Summer Course in Furniture Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The Summer Course in Furniture Design deals with the three main areas of design: editing, design and manufacture. Using professionals and experts in the field, the course looks at the details of each of these areas and how they are… More Info

Summer Course in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces: Gastronomy and retail

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The Summer Course in Retail Interior Design: Gastronomy and Retail is intended for architects, interior designers, product designers, retail, branding and visual merchandising company managers who wish to be challenged and to specialise effectively in an increasingly competitive and changing… More Info

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