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Project: Seat Mergo

Summer – Introductory

These courses provide an introduction to a specific field of design: product design, interior design, fashion or communication. The course content has been conceived to open up new doors for students by showing them a new discipline that is different from the field they qualified in or are working in, in order to improve their prospects.

The methodology applied in these courses combines theoretical-cultural subjects that present the foundations of each discipline with an introduction to the specific techniques and tools needed in each one. IED’s philosophy supports a methodology that focuses on project culture, which is why students are asked to carry out a final assignment where they will need to apply everything they have learnt. This experience prepares the student to start a project portfolio, including that developed during this intensive course.

These Introductory Summer Courses comprise a total of 100 hours (4 weeks) or 50 hours (2 weeks) and are imparted  from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.


Summer Course in Fashion Styling

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The summer course in Fashion Styling offers a wide and specialized perspective of all the necessary elements that are needed to finish a style project. Fashion industry is one of the cultural and economic engines of our european societies. From… More Info

Summer Course in Experimental Jewellery Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The jewellery object is currently evolving and now no longer has to represent a material value or solely an ornamental value. Can a piece of jewellery have other functions? It is something that has to adapt itself to the body;… More Info

Summer Course in Graphic Design in Branding

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The field of visual identity design for businesses, products, events and services has changed significantly. Today, brands are more dynamic, shifting, adaptive and evolving than ever. They are no longer a static element, and more and more devices and platforms… More Info

Summer Course in Fashion Design Research

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
Fashion Design Research is a one month intensive Summer Course that leads students through a creative methodology to open a different perspective and vision of creating a collection. It is a course to have a vibrating brushstroke of how to… More Info

Summer course in Visual Merchandising

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The summer course in Fashion and Visual merchandising shows how to encourage customers to buy, but mainly, promote the desire of coming back through persuasive communication. Fashion visual merchandising has a language and code itself, and the course is committed… More Info

Summer Course in Fashion Marketing

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The summer course in Fashion Marketing shows how all those who work in a fashion marketing  and communication department need to be capable of responding to relevant subjects such as defining new business models, consolidating the “brand” value or looking… More Info

Summer Course in Jewelry Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The ability to work with and shape metal has provided mankind with exceptional power and emotions since ancient history. This power, together with the structure of following a specific design methodology, confers the designer with a very complete and gratifying experience. Emotions are… More Info

Summer Course in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
Ever since the figure of the personal advisor and shopper took shape in the eighties, the world of fashion is alive with professionals who lend advice on anything, from choosing a bunch of flowers to deciding on an outfit for an interview… More Info

Summer Course in Fashion Photography

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The Summer Course in Fashion Photography presents a broad, creative vision of all the components needed to be able to produce and obtain a competitive fashion image for the publishing world, fashion house campaigns and commercial, product and street style… More Info

Summer Course in Social Media Management

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
Today, not many people is not on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. However, a few know how to leverage social media to get the most out of their business or personal marketing strategy. Keep in mind that one of the essential… More Info

Summer Course in Creative Illustration

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
What has not changed over the years is that personal struggle each illustrator endures in trying to express content in his or her work. Developing a personal style is based on two demanding processes: being able to take creative risks and learning… More Info

Summer Course in Graphic Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
Books, magazines, posters, advertisements, flyers, packaging, labels, brochures, product and company logos, web pages, online and outdoor advertising, etc… Everything that surrounds us in everyday life needs graphic design both for practical purposes and to communicate.  The aim of the… More Info

Summer Course in Global Design

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
The world of creation is constantly changing. Its disciplines merge and grow and the way they are implemented becomes more and more liberal. The multidisciplinary approach to design is part of a process where the fields in which creativity can be applied… More Info

Summer Course in Interior Decoration and Styling

- Barcelona - 4 weeks
This course gives students the opportunity to study the principal research and reflection tools (both theoretical and practical) currently used in interior design and styling. In this task it is essential to consider the many deep-rooted relationships between the individual… More Info

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