Summer – Professional

Project: Emotional Bites | Design

Project: Emotional Bites

Summer – Professional

These courses are for applicants with demonstrable professional experience wishing to expand their knowledge in the different disciplines taught at the IED.

The Professional Summer Courses are imparted at times that adapt to working hours and the aim is for each programme to provide innovative content. The idea is to prevent professionals from becoming trapped within their company or within the team they work with, largely by learning about the latest trends guided by a team of teachers who each specialise in a given field. The approach focuses on fostering synergies among professionals.

Both the teachers and students on these summer courses come from various different backgrounds, which means that work groups are culturally rich and makes for a variety of professional perspectives even beyond Spanish borders.

The Professional Summer Courses take up 100 hours over a period of 4 weeks, 50 hours over 2 weeks or 40 hours in just 1 week. They can be taken in the mornings or afternoons, from Monday to Friday.

Summer Course in Fashion Product Management

- Barcelona - 2 weeks
The summer course in Fashion product management is focused on giving a strategic overview of the fashion product functioning, taking into consideration positioning and brand values. It shows how to optimize the collections from the initial idea to the final… More Info

Summer Course in Sustainable Fashion

- Barcelona - 2 weeks
The concept of sustainability is gaining ground in our society. For a great many reasons, which include consumers growing more responsible, laws getting stricter and waning resources becoming more expensive, sustainable development is rising as one of the key factors… More Info

Summer Course in Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, trends and design

- Barcelona - 1 week
The intersection of fashion, science and technology are undeniably having a profound effect on the fashion industry. We presently live in a high challenging moment in society with rapid changes in a very short time. A new positive system is… More Info

Summer Course in Design Thinking and Co-creation

- Barcelona - 2 weeks
The summer course in Design thinking and co-creation presents the basic concepts and methodologies of Design Thinking and Co-creation through developing a real industry project, including presentations, lectures, and workshops by lead professionals in the design thinking and co-creation practice.… More Info

Summer Course in Service Design for Innovation

- Barcelona - 2 weeks
Everyday we are active users of different kinds of services from the very second we wake up to the second we fall asleep: when we go to the office, to school, to the supermarket or even to a hospital. Very… More Info

Summer Course in Design Thinking for Business Transformation

- Barcelona - 1 week
Innovation. Problem-solving. Creativity. Co-Creation. Customer value. These concepts have tremendous impact in today’s business strategy. They are the ingredients that spur new growth opportunities, optimize business processes and create strong connections with customers. They are obvious, yet diffuse.We see these words everywhere we look… More Info

Summer Course in Innovation and Future Thinking

- Barcelona - 2 weeks
As the pace of social, technological, economic and environmental change increases, designers, strategists and innovators find it harder and harder to anticipate, understand, plan for and create around this uncertainty.  Social cultures evolve and change like bacteria, new processes, materials… More Info

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