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Diploma IED in Business Design

Language: English

Duration: 3 years

Start Date: October of 2019

Credits: 180 *

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price: From 13.700 euros per year.
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Admission Requirements

In the area of business, they focus on how to find innovative solutions to complex challenges, analysing the related social and legal aspects and the overall trends that influence them. They also learn about the evolution of new technologies, taking their first steps in user experience-based programming.


Would you like to take a course that develops your creative skills, but you don’t want to commit to any particular artistic discipline? Do you like the field of design but have never studied any methodology?

The course in Business Design is an IED Barcelona educational response for the challenges of a global market where design-oriented companies, consulting firms, design studios and communication agencies need professionals who are able to combine creativity, business, technology and professional skills together with an entrepreneurial attitude.

The corporate world is currently using creative skills to develop products, services and brands that meet the needs of a constantly changing society. Some of the better companies have added design methodologies to set their corporate direction and strategies.
It is a highly innovative and unique undergraduate course that bridges the gap between design, business and technology and that trains the creative professionals of the future. It gives students an exciting opportunity to develop themselves in a very creative, practical, professional-like as well as interdisciplinary and international learning approach together with teachers who are renowned practitioners and while working on real challenges.

Design Thinking and Co-creation


Business Design is a unique and highly innovative IED Diploma that brings together design, business and technology to train the creative professionals of the future.

The first year focuses on the basics of design, business and technology. The students explore design at the graphical and product levels and as a key element in communication. They also look at the concept of “user-focused” design, learning to identify and define the needs of the intended audience of the design process and experimenting with a first attempt at prototyping, using materials, shapes and volumes.

In the area of business, they focus on how to find innovative solutions to complex challenges, analysing the related social and legal aspects and the overall trends that influence them. They also learn about the evolution of new technologies, taking their first steps in user experience-based programming.

The second year looks in depth at the product research and prototyping stage and familiarises the students with the concepts of user experience and service design so that they can acquire an overall view of the design process as a central management tool for companies in any field. In addition, the students focus on the idea generation and definition process, while closely examining the factors required for managing the legal, financial, branding and communication aspects of business, with an emphasis on the digital world. While discovering the influence of global trends as a tool for anticipating and managing change, from the technological side they gain even more knowledge of the key tools for making their prototypes interactive and functional, experimenting with both sensors and application design. An initial approximation to frameworks such as the Lean Startup and agile management techniques complete their vision of innovation project management.

In the third year, the students work on exploring design at a more intangible level, such as defining strategies, prototyping services, analysing designs and, in the business and technology section, focusing on defining and implementing innovation processes. Lastly, they have to apply all the knowledge acquired in the three years of the course to develop their final project, in which they are asked to research, define and present proposals and solutions for a real-world corporate challenge. To prepare them to go out into the world of work, the students also touch on the topic of personal branding, in order to develop their own personal brand.

At the end of the three years, the students are ready to work on multidisciplinary teams, both in design and other areas, to which they can bring a global vision of process management, how to implement it and how to evaluate its feasibility. The profile that this course aims to produce ideally finds a place in strategic design, service design, digital or non-digital product design consultancies or in a start-up or any kind of company that is implementing innovation strategies and processes.


The Diploma in Business Design offers students the opportunity to grow by using a very practical, creative learning methodology. Design Thinking is not only taught as a subject but is also present throughout the entire learning process. The students alternate between stages of “diverging” work, in which they have to learn to analyse the context in which they are operating, identify opportunities and generate ideas, and stages of “converging” work, in which they have to find and propose solutions, validate them and implement them. Hands-on learning is therefore an integral part of the students’ experience and they are asked to participate actively in the teaching activities, constantly moving between theoretical input and practical exercises. All of this takes place in an interdisciplinary, international environment that encourages alternating between individual work and reflection and collaborative team work. All the instructors on the course are working professionals who deal with real-world challenges in industry.

This IED Diploma is based on learning by doing. It trains the students in different skills, especially critical and strategic thinking, identifying opportunities and insights, design process-based creativity, the physical prototyping of ideas and concepts, project management, the ability to be agile in a changing environment, and collaboration and communication, among others.

Job Opportunities

After finishing the course, the students will be able to design and manage strategies in the various areas of a company to create added value for a business and increase its profits. They will be prepared to take on these duties within a company either directly or from a consultancy or strategic design studio.

Their training will allow them to work in innovation departments, managing the uncertainties of the future and incorporating innovation strategies. They will also develop an entrepreneurial mentality that will permit them to design businesses or create start-ups.

They will have the skills needed to work internationally in service design, strategic design, innovation, entrepreneurship and also in the field of communications, both in companies and in consultancies, agencies and studios.

IED MANAGEMENT alumni work at:

Diesel Iberia, Mango, H Magazine, Surgery, Bread&Butter, Carion Wester, Harrods, Inditex, Net-a-porter, Reebok, XXL, Equipo Singular, Levi’s Strauss Iberia, Stopstealingmylook.com, Hebe Media London, Modelmanagement.com, Carin Wester Stockholm, Superga Turin, Surgery PR London, Springstudios.com London, McGregor Fashion Group Amsterdam, Desigual Barcelona, etc.


The course promotes the project culture with companies to solve the distance between education and the world of work. Students not only acknowledge methodologies and tools for their discipline, but also learn to work and get in touch with with real clients and briefings.

Companies that have collaborated with the area: Levi’s Strauss Iberia, Reebok, Ailanto, MODAFAD, Desigual, The Brandery, Maians, Jose Castro, Friday’s Project, lkxa “La Caixa”, Habaluc, Yerse, Mariona Gen, Privalia, among others.



Degree in Industrial Engineering from the UPC and a Masters in Business Management from ESADE. The focus of his career has been to help companies in the public and private sector to become more innovative. He is currently Head of Innovation Management at ACCIÓ (the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness).

His main function consists in helping businesses to make innovation part of their everyday activity – i.e. re-writing the DNA of Catalonia’s companies to seize opportunities and turn them into added value. His fields of expertise include Strategy Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Technologies and Project Management.



The educational planning for all IED Diploma courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Diploma program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Diploma is a private degree.

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