The Creative Process in Fashion Design

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

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The Creative Process in Fashion Design

Edition: 1st

Language: Spanish

Duration: 6 weeks

Format: Online

Start Date: November 6th 2020

Credits: 2*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price: 450€


The Creative Process in Fashion Design is an introductory course aimed at those who wish to understand the creative journey of the designer, from the conception of the idea to its realisation in the form of a fashion product that responds to the needs and expectations of the user.

As part of IED Barcelona’s Design First programmes, this online course provides the tools for remote working and new methodologies to explore the basic principles of fashion design from an innovative, collaborative and practical approach.

The course traverses the different stages of the creative process through six modules: Context, Trends + Inspiration, Ideation, Creation, Project + Prototype and Communication.


– Understand what constitutes the creative process in fashion design.

– Discover how the great designers create and develop their creative proposals.

– Become acquainted with the steps to follow to gain inspiration, generate ideas, create and communicate them.

– Apply a method that enables creative talent to be fostered and unleashed.


As a Project-Based Learning (PBL) course, students are provided with the necessary e-learning tools to drive collaborative working techniques in the realisation of projects.

The subjects are structured around three axes, to facilitate learning and the practical application of the knowledge acquired:


How to tackle each creative stage and which strategies to employ, following the advice of experts and discovering their experiences when it comes to differentiating proposals and ideas.


What are the most effective tools to develop each stage of the creative process, and the best instruments to foster creativity and teamwork.


Guided by the teacher, in each stage progress is made towards the development of a creative project that solidifies the skills acquired in dominating a method and utilising tools.

Student Profile

The course is aimed at people who are passionate about the world of fashion and creativity. It is also conceived for those interested in:

– Exploring the development of the creative processes of graphic design.

– Professional orientation towards creative disciplines.

– Improving their knowledge about disruptive thinking methods.

Job Opportunities

The Creative Process in Fashion Design course is conceived as an initial contact with this discipline before deciding to study an Undergraduate or BA (Hons) Degree.

Completion of the course does not guarantee access to degree courses; however, it offers the student an excellent practical pathway to evaluate in which direction they wish to channel their future career.


Federico Antelo

Teacher in the areas of: Trends / Inspiration and Creation

Focused on the artisanal printing process, he runs a laboratory and textile studio. In addition, his pictorial work generates new aesthetic possibilities arising from the use of techniques unique to the world of textiles, with the aim of providing areas of exploration, dialogue and fusion between art and design.

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