Scholarships for Master and Postgraduate Courses 19/20

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

Scholarships for Master and Postgraduate Courses 19/20

To award talent, innovation and creativity oriented to Design, IED Barcelona offers every year a scholarship contest that awards to the winners with a 100% (Masters) or 50% reduction (Postgraduates) on the Tuition Fee amount.

The next contest will start on March 15 2019, and will contain scholarships for the programs of the academic year 2019/2020. Check the following link on that date to see all the scholarships available and the terms and regulations to participate:

 We encourage you to participate!


Master en Diseño Sostenible (ESP)

Master en Diseño de Espacios Interiores (ESP)

Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces (ENG)

Master in Automotive Interior Design (ENG)

Master in Design for Urban Environment (ENG)

Master in Interior Space Design Methodology (ENG)

Master en Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship (ESP)

Master in Design Management (ENG)

Master in Fashion Management (ENG)

Master en Diseño de Moda (ESP)

Master en Fashion Knitwear Design (ESP)

Master en Marketing y Comunicación de la Moda (ESP)

Master in Service Design (ENG)

Master en Diseño Gráfico (ESP)

Master in Design for Virtual Reality (ENG)

Master in Interaction Design (ENG)

Master en Dirección Estratégica y Creativa de Comunicación de Marca (ESP)



Postgrado en Diseño y Gestión de Eventos (ESP)

Postgraduate in Trends Research (ENG)

Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy (ENG)

Postgraduate in Craft in Digital Manufacturing (ENG)

Postgraduate in Design for Wearables (ENG)

Postgrado en Food Event Design (ESP)

Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management (ENG)

Postgrado en Diseño de Moda Infantil (ESP)

Postgrado en Diseño de Vestidos de Novia y Ceremonia (ESP)

Postgrado en Diseño de Accesorios de Moda (ESP)

Postgrado en Diseño de Calzado (ESP)

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