Orientation Programs for Schools

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Orientation Programs for Schools

IED Barcelona is reaching out to secondary schools and colleges with the chance to find out about all of the different design disciplines in a series of creative talks and workshops. They are organising two guidance sessions: one for students and one for careers advisers, both of which are directed by IED teachers and design professionals.


You are creative too– Guidance for Students

“You are creative too” is a session for students in their fourth year of compulsory secondary school or in the final two optional years, which consists in a talk and a creative workshop lasting an hour and a half each.

On the one hand, the workshop explores each student’s creative skills on three different levels: mental, physical and emotional. Students will be given ninety minutes to come up with and develop an idea and then see what their project says about them. The goal is to discover and develop each person’s creative abilities and to build up their confidence, concentration, expressive skills, self-criticism and more through a variety of exercises, dynamics and games.

The talk, on the other hand, involves four students from the School who will share their experiences based on the projects they have produced so far at IED. This is a friendly and refreshing way of discovering the roles designers play in today’s world and learning what the various design disciplines taught at the school can lead to.


Design Processes. Managing Change– Activity for Careers Advisers

The aim of this workshop entitled “Design Processes. Managing Change” is to bring design processes and tools one step closer to secondary schools and colleges in an effort to show teachers the wealth of possibilities that design and its daily activities have to offer, both as an educational tool applied to working processes and as a socialising element.

Attendants will learn to apply Design Thinking tools to research, analysis, interpretation, formalisation and assessment processes. They will then be asked to produce a storyboard and share it with the other attendants. At the end of the session there will be a team presentation to get feedback about the results and fully grasp how to implement the techniques shown and the lessons learned in an educational environment.


For more information, contact: contact@bcn.ied.es

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