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I+ED Lab

The I+ED Lab is devoted to research and innovation, using didactic resources as a key factor for experimentation at the service of companies and institutions.

Its initials stand for Investigación + Educación (Research + Education), that is, the school’s will to use the educational environment, alumni and lecturers/practitioners to research and develop ideas and products for companies, organizations and institutions whose aim is to use concept design as key factor for its positioning into the market of products and services.

Its vocation is to analyse, comprehend, experiment and develop new implements that anticipate new transformations, in society and necessities of use, through a research methodology focused on studying users and their environment.  This process brings companies closer to the world of education as a strategy for the future and as a social responsibility.

It is supported and counts with the Creative Design Think Tank, a team comprising the 30 most active minds of IED Barcelona towards producing new concepts and ideas, in a proactive process that proposes new projects for SMEs and large companies.

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