Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


The MediaLab is a photo and video set dedicated to the study and learning of audiovisual techniques. A dynamic space for self-learning, whose ultimate goal is to provide a service to the IED community.


All students have the opportunity to book the set and the photographic and video tools available such as cameras and lighting equipment. They also have professional advice at their disposal for any inquiries.

Before start using the site, after the registration, every student should go to the Medialab for validation as site users from Medialab administrators. From this moment students be able to use all the services that the site offers.

Any student can go to the Medialab where administrators will solve any doubt about Medialab site operation.

Click here to complete your registration.



Monday – Friday, from 9h to 22h

Saturdays from 10h to 15th by request



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